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The Moofa Brand

Moofa Designs are for today’s Modern Woman who enjoys BOLD, CONTEMPORARY and EDGY Pieces that Provide Directional Styling and Structure to her wardrobe.

Moofa Creates Trans-Seasonal, Timeless and Functional Pieces that can be worn – At Work or During Play Time; Day or Night; Past, Present and Future.

The Moofa Style and Cut “ALWAYS” Flatter the Feminine Silhouette. The Taste is Superb and the Fabrics are Unusual and Excitingly Unique. All these together create the Distinctive MOOFA Trade BRAND.
There are two Discoveries usually made when you Interact with a MOOFA Piece; First the Surprise to See the use of a Specific material in an unusual Context and in Consequence, the Astonishment about how perfectly it Fits the Purpose.

Moofa is all about Creating a LIFESTYLE that is the Epitome of African Luxury; Infinite Sophistication and Modern Timelessness.

Moofa Designs are inspired by Fabrics, the Environment and People. We have established a New Standard of Understated Elegance. Precisely Cut, Beautifully Tailored and Easy Fit Garments for Today’s Woman.